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Drum Floor Sander with Edger
(Sandpaper extra)
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89.00 Day


Drum Floor Sander Only
(Sandpaper extra) 

65.00 Day

Floor Edger Only
(Sandpaper extra)
View Instruction Videos 

55.00 Day


Square 12″ x 18″ Sander with Vacuum system
(Sandpaper extra)

79.00 Day


Sanding a deck with the above sander and the Under Radiator (and deck railing) sander, below.

Under Radiator Sander 

45.00 Day



Concrete Floor Grinder & Vac

General Dual Head Surface Grinder
Model SG24EM – 2 HP electric motor.
Designed for breaking up deposits of grease, dirt, rubber carpet backing and industrial residues from floors; cleaning concrete, asphalt and tiles along with a wide range of general concrete grinding job applications. The dual, counter-rotating, multi-accessory discs balance forces to help reduce operator fatigue and enhance machine control.

– Grinder with “Diam-A-Tach” diamond blocks 260.00 Day
– Grinder with “tungsten carbide inserts” 195.00 Day

General Dust Collection Vacuum
Model VS220 DUST-COLLECT-R™ System
25′ of 3″ diameter hose & integral couplers. No parts to Lose!
99% efficient pre-filter
99.97% efficient HEPA secondary filter
Idea for fine dust control when used with floor grinders, scarifiers, and masonry saws in a variety of indoor and outdoor working environments.

59.00 Day

Concrete Scarifier

8″ Walk Behind Gas Scarifier
– 8″ working width will scarify approximately 350-500 sq. ft. per hour at depth per pass of 1/8″
– Removes traffic lines at 800-1,000 lineal ft. per hour

295.00 Day
195.00 Half Day

Ideal for:
– Sidewalk trip hazard repair
– Concrete and coatings removal
– Floor cleaning and/or preparations
– Creating non-slip surfaces
– Traffic line and markings removal


Carpet Care & Installation

Shampooer with Power Head & Upholstery Tool 

42.00 Day


Carpet Knee Kicker

20.00 Day

Power Carpet Stretcher

40.00 Day

Seaming Iron 

17.00 Day

Stair Tool

  5.00 Day

Dri-Eaz Turbo Floor/Carpet Dryer
– Lightweight at only 25 lb
– Two speeds and three positions
– Max airflow of 2,000 CFM

32.00 Day


Dri-Eaz Dehumidifier
– Removes up to 15 gallons a day

59.00 Day


Hardwood Floor Installation

Air Floor Nailer
Primatech Q550 18 gauge Nailer
Available Nails:
1 1/4″ (2,000 ct) = $35.75
1 1/2″ (1,200ct) = $22.95
1 3/4″ (1,200ct) = $24.95

36.00/8 hours
43.00 Full Day
129.00 Week


Air Floor Stapler (3/8″ Laminate)

28.00 Day

Hardwood Floor Nailer – Manual

21.00 Day

Face Nailer – Manual

13.00 Day

Hardwood, Vinyl and PVC Tile Cutter

Marshalltown 13″ Flooring Shear
Cuts luxury vinyl tile and plank, laminate, engineered wood, and more. It cuts material up to 1″ thick and is rated to cut flooring with a Janka hardness up to 1300. The Flooring Shear comes with a moveable fence for 90° and 45° cuts and has a built-in ruler for accurate cuts.

25.00 Day
99.00 Week

Steam Cleaner

VC4000 Vapor Steam Cleaner
65 PSI, 5 Liter, Stainless Steel, 28 Pounds
Full Commercial & Powerful Home Use Vapor Steam Cleaner. Brushes are available and are purchased separately. Perfect for cleaning tile and grout, commercial bathroom and kitchen cleaning and more.
More Information and use videos

59.00 Day


Tile Floor Care & Removal

13″ Polisher

29.00 Day

17″ Polisher

39.00 Day

20″ Polisher

45.00 Day


Linoleum Roller 

18.00 Day

Electric Tile Stripper
Blades extra

79.00 Day


Manual Ceramic Tile Cutter – Gundlach Model 3-400
For large tile, it cuts up to 16″ straight and 10″ diagonally.

26.00 Day
16.00 Half Day


Vacuum – Wet & Dry

29.00 Day